American Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants


  • It is the responsibility of the elections committee to arrange and carry out the elections of the organization.
  • It is responsible for arranging for the membership to nominate society members for election.
  • It is responsible for sending out and tallying up proxy votes. Proxy votes are to be received no later than the annual AAPA conference at which time elections will occur. Non-proxy votes will occur at the annual AAPA conference during the Board of Directors (BOD) meeting. All members are welcome to attend this meeting.
  • Nominations and a brief biography of nominees will be published in the newsletter or web page no later than 60 days prior to the BOD meeting.
  • It is responsible for reporting to the membership concerning the election results either in writing or on the web page.
  • Members that must be part of this committee are the Vice President and the Secretary. The Vice President will chair this committee.

Current Elections Committee members include:

  • Scott Urquhart PA-C (Vice President & Chairman)
  • Dwight Deter PA-C (Secretary)
  • Stella Madu PA-C