Newsletter Topics
American Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants


The following are topics that members wanted to see discussed in the newsletter. You can e-mail us if you want to add to these topics. We will try to remove topics as they are discussed in the newsletter.

  1. New treatment options.
  2. Role of other PA's in different endocrine settings.
  3. Reimbursement for labs/services/office visits.
  4. How can we be more effective in our own practices.
  5. Employment opportunities.
  6. Utilization of PAs in inpatient/outpatient settings.
  7. Current endocrine topics.
  8. Why it is important to be a specialty society within the AAPA.
  9. Diabetes, thyroid, hypopituitarism issues.
  10. Insulin pumps & reimbursement.
  11. Requirements to be CDE.
  12. Preventative care.
  13. Statistics of PAs in endocrinology. Statistics of those that are CDEs.
  14. Articles on "How I do it."
  15. Difficult case studies.
  16. Highlights from ADA, AACE, Endocrine Society meetings.
  17. Trends in patient / public awareness towards Type II diabetes and its prevalence in hispanic populations.
  18. Inovative approaches to endocrinology.
  19. Therapeutic Updates
  20. Roles of PAs/CDE in practice settings.