Scholarship / Ways & Means
American Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants



  • This committee is chaired by the treasurer.
  • It is responsible for the development of the scholarship fund or trust.
  • It is responsible for setting membership dues in conjunction with the Board of Directors approval.
  • It is responsible for searching out and applying for potential educational grants.
  • It is responsible for updating the membership as to current assets. This is done on an atleast quarterly basis and may be done through the newsletter.

Current members include:

  • Terri Boyd PA-C

  • Bun Khint Cheng PA-S

  • Stacey Frasca PA-S

  • Donna Guglielmi PA-S

  • Robert Harris PA-C

  • Karla Ihrke PA-C (Treasurer & Chairman)

  • Robert McKeana PA-S

  • Kathryn Meurer PA-S

  • Daniel Morin PA-S

  • Amanda Rodgers PA-S

  • Lynn Scherer PA-C

  • Andrea Shushman PA-S